Sweet Like Sugar~

Hello! My names ⓢⓔⓣⓗ  Also i mostly post Kingdom Hearts I run this blog with the help of my boyfriend ⓝⓐⓣⓗⓐⓝ! He was the one who suggested i make this blog! :)

♂ ✘ ♂ = ❤


sora: i’d have to say i’m prettbbpbphpthtbbttt—-

roxas: I’m a ladykiller, naturally.

You tend to see the world differently, when your eyes are filled with tears.

(Source: thetwilightroadtonightfall)


sora: axel’s kind of a weenie, but we don’t judge him for it!!

roxas: (yeah we do)


i hope roxas and ven meeting is as anticlimactic as possible [if only bc i believe ven would be very chill about the whole thing] 

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